ARTSONG NSW Events for 2014

Our original venue for 2014, The Independent Theatre, was responsible for contacting all ticketholders and refunding any tickets purchased through them.

Ticketing Options:

  1. POSTPONED: The Schumanns: Life and Love in Letters and Song (TBA, Lisa McCune, Byron Watson, Sally-Anne Russell) POSTPONED UNTIL LATER THIS YEAR
  2. POSTPONED: Invitation to the Voyage, Sunday 1 June @ 3:00pm
  3. POSTPONED: Brahms: the Beautiful Magelone, Sunday 6 July @ 3:00pm
  4. POSTPONED: Yvonne Kenny, Sunday 17 August @ 3:00pm
  5. POSTPONED: Gershwin & Co: the Great American Songwriters, Sunday 19 September @ 3:00pm
2014 Season Programme 2014 Season Programme